Friday, June 8, 2012

Reaching the End

Okay, it’s been a will since my last post and I have an excuse. I’ve been spending my rationed writing time, well, writing my book. It’s an awesome feeling writing the final chapter. For me, the most fun is writing the first two chapter and the last two chapters. I think this is because when I have a story in my head I always know where I’m going to start along with the details involved and where I’m going to finish. The rest of the story or “gap”, if I take an analysis approach, is unknown with murky details. This part of the story is where the characters are discovering themselves and the environment. This is where strange things happen, which change direction and twist the plot. In my current work, I had to do significant rewrites to the middle chapters and blow away some chapters because my hero, Jeremy, simply strayed too far away from the objectives or just had my characters doing trivial stuff that didn’t support the story.

Now that I’m at the final chapter, here is a tidbit about the story that I call low fantasy.

Jeremy Pour crashes to the planet, intentionally, following an inner drive that’s haunted him since childhood. He comes from the space city, Eden, governed by a corrupt class of people determined to perpetuate a culture of haves and have-nots. A strange and exotic woman, Johinda, finds Jeremy shortly after the crash in the harsh environment of the planet. She brutally murders one of the survivors, giving no reason for her action. Jeremy quickly realizes Johinda, his savior, is not quite human. As Johinda escorts Jeremy across the planet, he discovers something much bigger than simply escaping Eden and surviving is at play. He comes to understand he’s an anomaly in the balance of the universe and the only things that can right the imbalance is his death or reaching Earth, where, despite the odds and obstacles, Johinda will deliver him or die trying.

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  1. Yeah. Can't wait to start reading.