Saturday, May 5, 2012


My two week blog tour ended yesterday. I must admit, it had its highs and lows, but mostly highs. One reviewer did not read the book and gave me a poor review because of it…oh well; it was just not her type of story. Another stop on the tour went MIA. Dave Brendon gave it mixed reviews (I quoted one of his good comments). The rest of the reviews and reviewers were fantastic and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Here I’ve pulled a few of the notable comments from the tour.

Alana (aka Whiplash)
“My hat is off to Jeffery Moore on the level of detail in the historical descriptions of this book.”
“Overall it was quite enjoyable… Once you've taken the plunge, the current will sweep you along until you reached the still waters at the end.”

Dave Brendon
“These beings are not human, nor do they have any human attributes or characteristics – one of the novel’s strengths, and also something that shows how Jeffery is able to create beings, characters, that are anthropomorphic but not human, something which many authors who try to do the same thing fail at.”

Cindy Bennett
“Jericho Solus grabbed me from the first page.”
“I can't reiterate enough how much I genuinely love this book.”

Sherry Gammon
“Just when you think you have it all figured out. . .  bam! He hits you with a new twist.”
“There was never a dull moment, never a bunch of filler to pad the novel up.”

“Jericho Solus is part historical fiction, part legend, part sci-fi, part fantasy, part romance, and part conspiracy—all with an undercurrent of existentialism.”
“The three central characters in the story are Jericho, the Solus who embodies action and leadership; Gebal, the Insid who personifies wisdom; and Dimash, the Sensum who represents morality. The author does a great job of developing each character around their special trait.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started to read Jericho Solus by Jeffery Moore, and I have to say it was much more that I could have hoped for.”
“The book is extremely well written and well-timed with strategically placed flashbacks that added so much depth and back ground to the current happenings within the story.”

“Jeff’s ability to take the reader into alien worlds is an art, an innate talent that comes to him so effortless.”
“Prepare to root for a hero so out of the ordinary, he will jump out at you from the first page until the last.”

“This is a great book, an excellent science fiction one to be more specific.”
“But the characters and the surrounding are so well described that you feel you are actually seeing them. This proves the great ability of the author to translate to words, all the things that were in his imagination.”

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