Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coming Soon from Jeffery Moore

Jericho Solus by Jeffery Moore

“They watch me—the feeling as acute as a sharp, cold blade against my skin.
I may have lived an ordinary existence, but I can fight. Though my memory is
like a beast cowering in the shadows, I know in my core I can fight, as if it’s what
I’m wired to do.Her breaths echo in my dark cell. Is she real?  She fills my
emptiness with heat, and God help the people that harm her.

I am the Solus.  My name is Jericho, and killing is what I do best.”

Jericho’s captivity begins a journey to a forgotten past, forgotten comrades, and forgotten love. His remembrance pulls him back in time to reveal an unexpected metamorphosis to his current state. As memories move Jercho back through history, his captors propel him forward into a surreal world, until both timelines combine to expose who and what Jericho is.

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